Watch Ella's Interview on @IMadeUFamousWW!! - @imadeufamousww 
          Maaan.... I love women. I had a brilliant interview with @IMFshows's @iam_shanteezy and guest host @cheekipowpow and accidentally started a women's empowerment movement. It wouldn't suffice to say I was honored to sit down with them, but undoubtedly blessed.  If there's a chance I can be as happy as I was at that table, for the rest of my life, I'll do whatever it takes to get there -- while earning respect and strengthening my character.

      After the show, I realize how much I have in store for the world. I told them I'm doing everything I want to do: I can never forget that all statements require evidence and the only evidence that's valid is the product you put out. That translates to: so much more sh*t to do. But, I'm proud of the move I've been able to make out of pure determination: no mixtape lol. I'm also very happy with the individuals in my life, they give me strength and help me be great, even if they don't notice. Throughout life's turns, I've fostered and let go of plenty relationships, but I thank God for connecting me with such talented, beautiful people -- even if momentarily. To be able to grow into the best version of yourself, you can't ignore the greatness in others. The most rewarding gains from being an artist are loving what you do, being loved for what you do and finding others who appreciate that love.  It's never easy to sit around a table with females whose opinions might sometimes ring louder than yours, but are no stronger. It's a blessing to feel the atmosphere clear when you can appreciate the person sitting next to you, and congratulate them on how dope they are in their own journeys of life.

     These are just my thoughts anyway... watch below & see for yourself. I'm on at 57 minutes ;)

@SwaggerOnTheMic Monthly Artist Showcase - NYC

                 I showed up to the Swagger On the Mic artist showcase "curling this hair and crossing this bridge" late, but I'm hoping to make the 10.22 show in time ;)  Last time, I was just in time for the freestyle cypher which, appropriately, starts of the night. It took a round or two before we got something that wasn't written from a dude named Pharaoh - luckily for him because his music didn't play when he was supposed to go up. Fun Fact: Written freestyles will always be my pet peeve, forreal. I suppose this isn't a stab at anyone unless someone feels it. I'm not yet amazing at the freestlying thing, so it's always impressive to see anyone who is. The most brilliant part about showcases like this is that the public gets to see what the underground is cooking, but as an artist you also get to meet talent striving for the same as you. The most difficult part of participating in and  attending showcases is that everyone is an artist. You are undoubtedly in the midst of your competition, and your time on the mic is the only #fact up for discussion.  The most beneficial things I gained from attending this open mic were the feedback... and the opportunity to analyze the field and gauge which steps I need to take next.

DOWNLOAD + REVIEW: Eve - "Lip Lock" 2013

       Eve is back & that's the part I can't fully get passed. The rapper/actress released her 4th studio album after an 11-year hiatus from recording music. Having been focusing on acting and her rumored beau, Maximillion Cooper, London's newest immigrant is back in hip-hop riding the "bow-down"wave.

Survivor: A Short [Hot Mess of a] Film

       Before I could even get my makeup on, the photo shoot was over. What would you do if you traveled for hours to get to a photo shoot, and then the camera breaks, and all you have left is a flip recorder the age of a spoiled toddler? Me? I make shit happen. Impressive is what I do best. Fate is a b*tch, but it's her that makes me shine.  We ended up making a short, impromptu film in which I played a gangsta wife --another thing I do best :)

Summer Jam XX

        It was my first time... and it was such a bizarre learning experience. Maybe I was too old to be there... Or... I'm not supposed to be this side of the curtain. I'm certainly not meant to work it. I got to Summer Jam for free99 by volunteering with the New York Urban League.  In conjunction with Hot 97 & XXL, we handed out show programs at the entrance. I'm not sure too many would consider Summer Jam a "learning experience" but it certainly helped me understand that I am who I am and I will never change. I've learned that being who I am makes me great... Summer Jam is supposed to be about being great... & while Hip-Hop is trying, some have forgotten.

S.W.A.G - Spoken Word Affecting Generations

       I hate performing, so I've had to learn to share. Spoken Word Affecting Generations, a monthly open mic held at Brooklyn's Simplicity Wine Bar CafĂ©, took place May 14th, and that is where I finally learned what I'm supposed to do.  Surrounded by a plethora of talented, passionate artists, I was able to both share, and receive beautiful lessons.  I know this is something you learn in pre-school, but I really learned about sharing at this open mic & I am eternally grateful.

Potion Collective Memorial Day Showcase

        On Memorial Day, The Potion Collective will showcase an impressive line up at Brooklyn Fire Proof East, with myself as the featured artist. :) The holiday celebration features an all-day cookout beginning at 1:30pm. At 7:30, the mic opens up to whichever creative souls are called. ADMISSION IS FREE. At about 10pm, I've compiled a selection of my works to share with you all. I can't even begin to explain how excited I am, but if you have the time to attend, I'm sure to impress you. That, I guarantee. 

Brooklyn Fire Proof East
119 Ingraham Street
Brooklyn, NY 



Bobby Stone and Friends Concert (Brooklyn, NY)


On May 18th, Bobby Stone held his 3rd indie/unsigned artist concert in Brooklyn, NY - and it was dope.   The New Old School is the title of Stone's latest music project - the concert being the official release party -as well as the guide for his craft and crowd: An old school feel, with The New School appeal. Not only was I excited to participate,  but I am both humbled and honored to have been chosen by a crowd with such a specific (and dope) "genre" of sorts.

ELLA's LIVE interview on 90.3FM

           ELLA is LIVE with DJ F.B., and the 90.3FM URI Radio team on Thursday, May 23rd from 12a-3am. To live stream the show, go to or turn your dials to 90.3FM (Southeastern Mass, Rhode Island, Northeastern CT and parts of Long Island). Hear some new, music from Brooklyn's own Hollywood and CF's King Cooper. Meanwhile, ELLA joins to discuss females in the rap game/music industry and her plans to take over.

@ISEENTHOS Fashion Show + Release Party

           As expected, Corey Ty has done it again. On Wednesday, May 1st, at Magnet Lounge, the designer debuted the newest additions to his clothing line -and his career. Patch Adamms, as the designer and his Black Label collection will be known here forward, describes his work as "unique, bold, witty and eye-catching." The description barely captures the charismatic personality and individual beauty each piece carries, transferring that energy right onto the models as they drip confidence down the runway.